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The curse of political correctness

Posted on: 16 June 2009

From The Chronicle, Canberra, Tuesday 9 June 2009

 People who lack the courage to call a spade a spade indulge in political correctness to put down people who have the courage? Thinking about political correctness took me back to schooldays and verbal clips around the ear from a teacher in my religious class, usually accompanied by the statement that I didn’t know what I was talking about, for offering views either they didn’t share or, if they did, although I didn’t know it at the time, fear of being seen as theologically incorrect prevented them from saying so.

 Perhaps it was these initial rebuffs that made me think teachers and adults in general knew little about the young and themselves that also determined my future. Suffice to say, as an adult I continue to offer unpopular views.

 While still expressing incorrect theological views (according to some people), I am now told that many of my non theological views are politically incorrect. And, just as I was rebuked in the past by theologically correct experts, I am rebuked today, though less politely, by “experts” in political correctness despite legislation that allegedly guarantees freedom of speech. Like many guarantees that come with products used in daily life, such guarantees are not worth the paper they’re written because, routinely, they are honoured more in the breach than the observance.    

 Indeed it seems to me that free speech is diminishing in Australia. I have heard people excoriated by politicians under the banner of parliamentary privilege, to which they do not have the same right of reply, for expressing politically incorrect views.

 Unfortunately political correctness is spreading through Canberra. Worse, apart from politicians many offenders are senior bureaucrats who discriminate against people because of age, disability, race, language, ethnicity, politics and religion, who impose political correctness in the workplace afraid that if they did otherwise, those to whom they answer would deprive them of their jobs. While having some sympathy for them, their moral cowardice allows political correctness to grow and add to the already extensive history, which shows that politically correct behaviour helped cause some of the world’s greatest disasters.

 Much of this political correctness is used against people who, without any intention of being offensive, use words to make something clear only to have have their good intentions spoiled and their character maligned by self appointed “experts” in political correctness.  Not for them that the words used are part of the English language, it’s just that they don’t find them suitable.

 Apart from the recent demonsrations by Indian sudents, what brought this subject to mind were reports not so long ago of a  British Royal Prince being called racist because he used a childhood endearment about an Asian friend that sent the politically correct and anti racist armies, but not the friend, into a frenzy of accusations.

 To be frank I don’t care if I never hear what any prince says. Nor do I care if I’m called a mean and miserly Scot ( it’s an old wives’ tale that such traits are particular to the Scots) only for politically correct twits to call the person using the words a racist and attempt to justify their actions, with no reference to me, by saying they are defending my sensitivity. I can but say  their foolishness exceeeds my sensitivity on many levels.  

 I mention this only because the term racist is applied to phrases that for decades, indeed for centuries, have been used to describe people, which is why the phrase mean or miserly Scot is not a racist remark. Unfortunately, every society harbours politically correct wankers with nothing else to do except look for what they call political incorrectness and racism with which to persecute people. That said let me remind them of the ancient Greek proverb: in the kingdom of the blind the one eyed man is king. Unfortunately when it comes to political correctness Australia has too many one eyed men.

 Even more unfortunately, until we can educate and help the one eyed politically correct to see with two eyes, as well as use and understand words in context, at which time racism will disappear, they will continue to persecute and prosecute those they think politically incorrect. .

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