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R.I.P. Republic In Progress?

Posted on: 27 July 2009

Many times over the years I’ve expressed to Australian monarchist friends that a Republic is inevitable.

When? I don’t know. I’ve never put a time on it, but if pressed to guess, I’d say around thirty years from now. I say around thirty years because at that time I think most of Australia’s population will have been born here and think of themselves only as Australians. I also think it will take that time for Australian born monarchists and monarchists born in countries who still believe in a monarchical system, to no longer be significant.

But now I see another possibility that perhaps could change my views about the inevitability of a Republic. The possibility? That if political trends continue as they are, no sooner will Australia become a Republic than it will have to change to something else so why bother changing? Looking around the world today (doesn’t technology make it easy?), one becomes aware the Global Village is no longer an intellectual fantasy of Marshall McLuhan but is slowly but surely becoming a reality.

That it is happening can best be seen as nations band together in economic, social and cultural units, to become precincts in the Global Village. Let me give some examples of these precincts: first, the European Union. Second: APEC. This also raises the question that just as the Monarchy is becoming irrelevant due to the European Union and the drive to develop a European Parliament which will control the political processes of member countries, with a President elected by plebiscite in all countries of the Union, will the 21 countries in APEC copy the European Union and make an Australian Republic irrelevant?

If this uniting in common interest progresses, almost certainly the 35 Countries of the Americas also would look at creating the EUA – the Economic Union of the Americas, so as to ensure protection of their economic interests.

That being the case, why bother becoming a Republic? Why not start preparing now for a President of the Earth? I say Earth advisedly, because when the Global Village becomes reality (is 100 years too short a period?) perhaps there’ll be satellite worlds orbiting the earth whose people will have no wish for earthly connection.

Another reason I might change my mind is that I’m not all that keen on supporting people who propose change ostensibly on behalf of the people when, in reality, all they seek are monuments to their egos and the hope of creating the kind of epitaph (some people think epithet would be a better word) they think should be engraved on their tombstone.

 And as future generations in the Global Village look back at the time spent on the Republic versus Monarchy debate, not only do I think they will see it as having done nothing to assist upgrading quality of life but also that it was an outrageous waste of public time and money.

I believe also that they will look upon the main protagonists in the debate as spoiled, self-centred egotists whose reason for wanting a republic is based on an inherited and unwarranted animosity to the monarchy.

That apart as the Republic is for the future, let future generations decide when (and if) they want it. Let not the decision be made just so that someone can get an epitaph they think will look good on a tombstone.

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