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Pragmatism beats environment in politcal religion race

Posted on: 13 October 2009

This is an extended version of the column first published in The Chronicle, Tuesday October 6, 2009

A  climate change sceptic, I believe the prophets of environmentalism, the new religion, have grossly exaggerated man’s role in creating global warming. I believe also that their predictions of a hothouse world unless their solutions to reducing Carbon Dioxide are acted on immediately, are also grossly exaggerated.

Although the carbon dioxide effect is not new, the environmental doomsayers have elevated Carbon Dioxide to the position of public enemy number one. The fact is, global warming has affected earth for countless millenniums past and will do so for countless millenniums to come.

It is ironical also that one of the many ways the prosleytisers  propose to reduce Carbon Dioxide is by the development of hectare after hectare of windfarms. And while an environment dominated by whirling windmills might please them, I doubt it will please many others, particularly when a better solution to producing clean energy exists.

Instead of spending billions on windmills etc, the billions should be spent developing nuclear fusion. Unfortunately that won’t happen because the environmentalists who proselytise  about the danger of nuclear power – ie nuclear fission- has made people fearful about the use of nuclear energy.  Why, I wonder?  Is it because they are afraid that common sense will finally prevail and force them to that nuclear power – nuclear fusion – is the answer to the energy problem.

That said one might conclude also that their antagonism to nuclear power is really a case of job protection. Keeping company with them in a job protection role are those pragmatic politicians who, lacking the courage of their convictions, have quietly ditched their old beliefs and converted temporarily to the new environmental religion because, at this time, and vote wise, they deem it prudent to do so.

Nor is it strange that the politicians don’t shout about their conversion. Indeed, when the environmentalists’ solution to the global warming prove impractical, I am in no doubt the politicians will quickly reclaim their “original beliefs,” pull their old political bibles out from under the bed and, like the pragmatists they are, after a short refresher course, start preaching their old beliefs as if they had never given them up . 

 However, I excuse global warming zealot Greens Senator Bob Brown from my comments. In fact I find him sincere when speaking about his environmental beliefs because unlike the pragmatists, he has not been afraid to speak about them and so has not ever needed to retrieve them from under the bed.

But while Senator Brown is to be admired for his beliefs and, personally admirable as he might be, unfortunately like King Canute trying to stem the tide, his efforts are an exercise in futility.

But exercise or not in futility, his efforts to convert the world to his beliefs will lead to some degree of progress whereas the pragmatic politicians will carry on producing the chaos and turmoil that keeps society in thrall to militarism and the other isms concerned with other material things and religion.

Never will they display humanism unless it becomes politically necessary to do so. And while I admire Senator Brown, my admiration does not extend to Al Gore, 45th Vice President of the United States who finds it inconvenient to accept that the sceptics might be right about global warming and because he is better served by environmental politics than the politics of government, something that can be seen by his sharing the Nobel Peace Prize with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Environmental politics serve his ambition well.

Like Gore, IPCC zealots also brook no argument that their prophecies of world doom might be wrong and that only by adopting their solutions will the earth be saved . More to the point: when the Adam and Eves currently populating planet ask Gore and the IPCC to tell them the kind of future their sons and daughters will enjoy if the formers’ proposals are put into effect what answers do they get?

In the same was as prophets of the old religions promised heaven, they reply in the same vein knowing full well that they will not be around to be taken to task when their prophecies are proved wrong.

However, just as the old religions gave us Nostradamus, remant believers in environmentalism will join elevate Gore and the IPCC as a composite environmental Nostradamus when future situations occur that could be manipulated to give credence to some statements they once made.

Who do you think is right: sceptics or doomsayers? As I’ve said already, I’m with the sceptics. My support is based on a number of things. First: for millenniums prophets of doom have predicted, in a case of plus şa change plus c’est la même chose, the end of the earth because man had offended Mother Nature with his greed and decadent life style. Second: there is no greater protector of man’s interests than man himself.

And while at times this self protection has resulted in ill will and often cruelty to their fellow man, fortunately mans’ humanity has a habit of always coming to the surface and allowing him to survive and progress.

No matter how far man progresses or how long he survives, and as no one can give a definitive answer as to how long that might be, I suspect he will go on forever. And as he develops even more sophisticated technology, let me prophecy that he will carry on doing what he has been doing since time began, going off to find new worlds, where he will continue his cycle of progress to corruption until forced to move on.


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