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The Calamity and Chaos of Copenhagen

Posted on: 19 December 2009

COP 15 has been a total cop out. From where I sit the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen puts me in mind of the TV programme Deal or no Deal although it seems to me the intellectual capacity of competitors on the TV programme compares favourably with the capacity of many delegates attending Copenhagen.

That apart, from the stream of Copenhagen reports in the Australian media it would have been easy to draw the conclusion that Prime Minister Rudd was chief mover and shaker at the conference and that his fellow delegate were queuing up to hear his words of wisdom. He wasn’t and they weren’t, though probably they wanted to hear his opinion.

He had plenty to say, of course, but that’s not unusual for Rudd. Unfortunately for Rudd, the person they really wanted to hear was President Obama, that shining new political star from the US who promised to light up the political galaxy but who, more and more, and sadly, seems to have fizzled and is rapidly becoming something of a damp squib.

But give politicians time to talk and at Copenhagen they did. For two weeks short of a day they went round and round in circles. Indeed to the embarrassment of the United Nations, no deal was the order of the day and any thought of a treaty was wishful thinking.

It was confidently expected that following President Obama’s arrival a treaty would get on track. Unfortunately, it didn’t. The less developed nations wouldn’t come to the party and had the temerity to stick to their guns about the conditions they agreed in the Kyoto Protocol. It has to be said also that even President Obama in his speech was less than positive about the conference outcome.

Conveniently on the evening of the penultimate day of the conference a leaked report from the UN published in Britain’s Guardian newspaper said there would be a rise of three degrees in temperature unless the conference decided to take positive action.

A simple man I wonder why the UN”s International Panel on Climate Change didn’t make this known earlier, after all they’ve been working on the problem for many years. Although the Danes are not to blame, I am not being cynical when I say that, in relation to this announcement “ there was something rotten in the State of Denmark.”

Because of the announcement a flurry of meetings took place on the final day. The most important meeting was that between Brazil, America, South Africa, India and China (BRASIC) at which an accord – not a legally binding agreement- was crafted and that all countries had accepted. They hadn’t. Not only is the agreement a sham and an ugly display of might is right it is also a face saving deal for the Presidents and Prime Ministers, including Mr Rudd, of the 27 most developed nations among the 193 attending the conference.

The accord has been accorded the merit it deserved. If the climate change scientists are right it will do nothing to ease the dire climate change prophesied by the global warming alarmists. Indeed if the accord does anything at all it will help increase the number of press releases from climate change extremists and global warming alarmists containing more extreme and alarming announcements, a number only to be exceeded by the number of press releases issued by the Prime Minister that will show him as a Copenhagen hero.


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