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Liberals have their say

Posted on: 17 August 2010

Published The Chronicle, Canberra, Tuesday 17 August

This is the last of the four election columns.

Giulia Jones – Candidate for Canberra:

As a working mother of two active boys and an active member of the community I know the following issues need urgent attention: childcare and family services.

If elected, and because of Canberra’s huge number of working mothers, I will treat these issues as priorities. I will also seek to remove the isolation felt by many older citizens and improve transportation systems while at the same time try to ensure that Canberra’s health and education systems are the best in Australia.

I will work hard on the issue of housing affordability to make sure a method can be found to help those hard working Canberrans who, currently, struggling to afford a home, are able to buy one. I will also push for the National Capital Authority to be given the funding necessary for it to do its job properly and ensure the community is kept better informed of proposed planning and development.

James Milligan – Candidate for Fraser:

Canberra small business is a major employer group. As one of those small business owners and married with a family, I know the problems my peers, customers, neighbours and other Canberrans face and seek election to do the best for them.

Like them I want Canberra to remain the city envied for having the best health system, best education system, best sporting facilities and the best cultural facilities which have helped create the environment that encourages everyone to do their best.

Elect me and you will elect someone imbued with doing the best for our aged citizens and people with mental health problems who, due to lack of services and infrastructure, have become isolated in society. You will also be electing someone who will do his best to develop a system of affordable housing and a program of infrastructure that will help our homeless regain entry to society in a meaningful manner.

As a small businessman, father and family man, I will fight for small business support and for improved childcare and family services. And to ensure the built infrastructure will be available I will push for skills training particularly in the construction industry.


Last week I opined that Julia Gillard’s slogan “Moving Forward” was inane; that it suggested Australia had come to a stop and only she could move it forward. This week I opine that Tony Abbott’s slogan “ Stand Up for Australia. Stand up for Real Action” is equally inane and could imply that Australian‘s are sitting down on the job. I also said Gillard’s policies were Rudd’s policies with minor alterations. This week I suggest Abbot has done the same with Howard’s. In a sense, however, the slogans are complementary because when one’s rights are obtained one should move on.

We have many rights with one of the most important the right of free speech, a right I exercise by saying that Abbott has to be clearer about why people need to stand up for Australia. Is it because he feels has Australia lost influence particularly in Asia and that under Gillard’s leadership, could start to slide into third world status?

On policy Abbott emphasises his strong anti tax policies (reference the mining industry and carbon tax). He has also announced a policy on training to help employment and a policy on caring for the aged.

He is determined to make border security stronger and while saying the BER revolution was more a wasteful building programme than an education programme he said, sensibly, that he has buried Work Choices forever and accepted Labor’s Fair Work policy.

As it isn’t possible for me to comment on more recent policy announcements from other parties it would not be fair to give space to recent Labor or Liberal policy announcements. However I hope the information in the four election columns has been useful in helping you decide your voting intentions. Of course if happy with the local candidates seeking re-election perhaps you’ll re-elect them. But no matter how you vote remember you’re voting for a local member not a Prime Minister as recent history shows that’s in the hands of other people.

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