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Government by bribery

Posted on: 22 September 2010

First published The Chronicle Canberra, Tuesday 21 August, 2010 

Voters heaved a huge sigh of relief when a government emerged from the series of political gang fights, loosely disguised as an election, which had been brought on early by Labor Prime Minister Gillard, following the political assassination of her predecessor by a gang of her supporters.

Members of criminal gangs would probably take exception to my description because gang warfare seems less dangerous than politics due gang members seeming to know their enemies better than politicians know theirs. I suspect the politicians concerned would take exception also and say there are no gangs in politics.

This would come as no surprise because politicians do their utmost to disguise their gang membership by euphemistically describing themselves as members of factions. And lest you think otherwise, all political parties have factions. In fact a politician without a faction is rare.

No doubt you know of the famous phrase attributed to Abraham Lincoln, that Government is of the people for the people and by the people. A wonderful phrase if only it was true. The fact is: Lincoln got it wrong. Government is of politicians, for politicians, by politicians, a situation for which we, the people are to blame because we allow politicians to persuade us that they are trustworthy and follow the Lincoln dictum.

More unfortunately, the more we see of parliament the more it seems like a Theatre of the Absurd. Readers familiar with the works of playright Samuel Beckett know that some critics think his ‘Waiting for Godot, is not only one of the Theatre of the Absurd’s most prominent works but also a play with a vast number of interpretations, much like the number of interpretations put on the election result by assorted political journalists.

Although ‘Godot’ could be described as a drama, the forming of government after the election was more melodrama. At the same time however, some voters, used to calling a spade a spade, described it as a farce because it showed how to gain ‘Government by bribery’ a view with which I have some sympathy.

That said, it is almost a miracle that it only took seventeen days after the polls closed, to form a minority Government. Indeed we might still be without a Government had not Oakeshott and Windsor, two of the five elected Independents – the others are Crook, Katter and Wilkie –  decided the bribes offered by Julia Gillard to support her as Prime Minister were better than those offered by Abbott. However, if the bribes don’t get paid, then sure as night follows day, voters will again go to the polls before the government’s term expires. 

Let me now ask: did those voters who thought democracy meant electing party politicians or Independents on the basis of what they promised during their election campaigns get what they expected? Did they expect democracy to be restored to the state that existed before the deposing of former Prime Minister Rudd who, while not directly elected by the people at the 2007 election was, nonetheless, the person responsible for attracting most voters to the Labor party. Perhaps the fact that that he was no longer Prime Minister could have had much to do with the collapse of that party’s vote at this election.             

The fact too, that the former PM was given the job of Foreign Minister, the job he wanted, merely adds to the view held by many followers of politics, that this also was a bribe to try and ensure he didn’t rock the new government’s boat.

At the same time had they a need to add to the perception that this minority government was a government of bribery, a look at the new ministry would suffice. Let me put it as politely as I can: the four Labor gang members who deposed the former prime minister for the purpose of installing the current Prime Minister have been looked after, a situation that adds to the perception it was done to help her avoid the same fate as her predecesor.

 Finally. Why no Minister for Education in the new government? Is it because the Prime Minister wants to avoid any detailed scrutiny of her time as Education Minister and her education revolution? 

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Politicians don’t want people to be educated; they want them to be indoctrinated. This can be done via the different media now, so Education can be abandoned to whomever wants to take hold of it. We all know that public schools are now just somewhere to park the children while you’re off earning money to buy yourself all of those things that contribute so much to the pollution of the Earth.

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