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The myth of equality

Posted on: 23 November 2010

 First: an apology to people who have read this article in The Chronicle,Canberra, published Tuesday 23 November, for minor differences in text.

The published article which, due to unfortunate circumstances had to be completed quickly, had some slight errors which have been amended

 If the article pleases or displeases you please say so.


 What is equality I ask? Some readers might think this an easy question to answer. If so, no doubt I’ll be e-mailed with many answers one of which will assure me that if I accept it when I go to bed, instead of pondering the question, I will slumber peacefully. While I live in hope I realise the probability is that the answers will add to my insomnia. 

What prompted me to write on equality are the great number of pro and anti opinion pieces on the subject of whether or not, in a sense of equality, homosexuals should be allowed to have ‘marriage’ ceremonies. The pro opinion is based on the notion that marriage for same sex couples is a right, while the anti opinion is usually based on the notion that marriage as right can only be between a male and a female. 

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, of course, and long may they keep expressing it, so let me express mine. But before doing so, let me say that, ensuring the rights of billions of people to housing, food, clean water, education, good health and other rights too numerous to mention, makes the arguments about this ‘right’ pale into insignificance.

The fact is marriage is not a right but a convention that has been accepted for millennia by society.  As for myself, until Mother Nature decides to create a race of humans who, regardless of gender, can engage in the procreation process with another of the same gender I am firmly of the opinion the existing convention continue to be accepted as the status quo.

It seems to me also that Mother Nature in her wisdom thought marriage between a man and a women as the system best suited to society.  And who am I to argue with Mother Nature? Also, unlike many others, on the issue of marriage, it seems to me that religion not only muddies the waters but that those religious leaders who constantly bombard the community with the fact that they approve of homosexual marriage do so in the hope that it will lead to the supremacy of their religion over other religions. I wonder what the God they say they believe in thinks? 

Same sex couples also claim they suffer discrimination: but the tenor of their arguments suggests it is not discrimination they suffer from but jealousy of heterosexuals who have been given a gift that, sadly, they will never get no matter how much they wish for it. They are also given to calling heterosexuals who do not agree with them homophobic yet it seems to me that their disagreement could be called heterophobic.  

But let me say to religious believers (I am not a believer) that if they believe marriage a God given right they should be praying to prevent homosexuality, not just today but forever. They should also tell God to make sure that, in the future, no new born child should carry genes that will cause discrimination, sexual or otherwise. I doubt they’ll have any luck.

Mother Nature who, as far as I know gives no guarantee about sexuality or emotions when a child is born, will continue as usual. It might also be fair to say that as the making of a baby is a very involved process it is impossible for her to guarantee that just as in any manufacturing process even if the finished products look OK some might be imperfect. Unfortunately, no amount of legalese or wishful thinking will alter things and so for the foreseeable future no two people of the same gender will be able to engage in sex for the purpose of creating a baby.                  

 Let me end by saying that one day I hope we become sane and civilised enough to disregard to politicians and social engineers who value theories and utopian dreams more than they value the truth and that they absorb the wisdom of Rheinhold Niehbur’s serenity prayer: grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.

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