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New Year, new start, new life, new resolve

Posted on: 12 January 2011

This is the first Chronicle column of 2011, published Tuesday 11 January.   Unfortunately,The Chronicle is not on line as yet, but I live in hope it soon will be and further hope you will continue to read the column and the other blogs posted on this site.  

 First. On behalf of Boadicea and myself, thank you to readers who us sent either an e-mail or card with best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. They were much appreciated.

Let me start the 2011 column year by saying that for me the words “Happy New Year” not only herald new life they also suggest that the next 365 days will be the most exciting I have ever experienced.

At the same time these words also tell me it is time to fill up my personal pool of optimism from which, I hope, will emerge new ideas that will help wash away the woe and despair I experienced during the past year.

So what do I hope for in 2011? I could say I hope to win the big lottery prize but with life itself the biggest lottery of all, every day I wake means I’m already a winner because life itself is a bigger and better prize than any amount of lottery prize money. This is but one of the reasons I don’t believe in giving life away because while money given away can be recovered, no one can recover a life given away.

My hope for 2011 was added to at Christmas by a brief message in a card from a reader who wrote: ‘keep to the left and “right” each week. We need you.’  Why these words added to my hope was not only because they reminded me of my very first Chronicle column in which I said:  ‘sometimes I will be left sometimes right but I will always be honest’ but also because they reminded me it was time to make some New Year Resolutions.  

This has not been as easy as you think. For example, in later years of the column, I resolved to be kinder to Members of the Assembly? Now, much as I think I have kept that resolution, some MLAs might have a different view while some readers think I’ve been too soft on them.

In other years I also made resolutions to become more generous, more caring, less selfish, less greedy, less venal and, if that wasn’t enough, a strong resolution to always tell the truth. I was given to make the last resolution by the strong stance taken on lying by ACT MLAs who, as everyone knows, are so honest that if they told a lie in the Assembly, the building would fall down around their ears.

I also accepted the reason given by Federal politicians that their promises to eliminate poverty, end homelessness, and ensure everyone regardless of race and status would get a good education, good access to a health service, and live in a just society, did not come true, was due to other people not keeping their promises. How could I have thought otherwise?

 Although occasionally I did not keep my resolutions, nonetheless from my pool of refreshed optimism I have drawn a bucketful of resolutions that this year I intend to stick to, come hell or high water. 

Although they come in no order of priority here are my resolutions. I will stop thinking that many people in Canberra, politicians in particular but also some people in business, are so enamoured of themselves they think they must be consulted about every problem because they are the only people who can solve them.

And despite new means of accessing information and because I think the day will come when The Chronicle will be the main voice of the community, in the meantime I resolve to do my utmost to encourage the community at large to use it as their voice to complain or compliment the Legislative Assembly and/or other organisations and individuals through letters to the editor about their actions.

I resolve also to carry on campaigning for Independent voices not only in politics but also in community organisations if only to avoid the latter becoming quasi branches of political parties. Lest you think I have a problem with members of political parties being part of community organisations I don’t. My objection is that if they only speak in their party voice, what one is really hearing is a verse of the dirge for democracy.

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