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Human Rights and political correctness

Posted on: 8 February 2011

 First posted in The Chronicle, Canberra, 1 February, 2011 

 Are some of our politicians in a permanent state of delusion? I ask because it seems to me most of them not only think of themselves as celebrities but as people anointed with the qualities of greatness and integrity and so deserving of praise.

I can understand politicians being ambitious, but so ambitious are some their desire morphs into the narcissism that leads them to drown in the pool of their ambition as they gaze at their own reflection. 

 In some respects politicians are like ambitious soldiers for whom war is more important than peace, or developers whose ambition is not to build attractive affordable housing for people to live in but monolithic structures that will build their bank balance. Unfortunately, we now seem to live in an age where profit seems more important than people.

It is also an age where human rights activists seem to spend their time conjuring up what, in their view, are ‘new’ human rights, one of which is outlawing gender difference. Human rights, of course, are essential in a just society but, if the catalogue of rights grows too long to be easily remembered, it is likely the value of many rights will diminish.

Human rights should be as natural as breathing and living so that when rights are violated the violations can be discerned immediately. Unfortunately, human rights are now being enshrined in legal tomes that can only be deciphered by lawyers leaving the majority of people at risk of never ever knowing their human rights.   

Nor will it come as a surprise to me if the politically correct messiahs of human rights suggest, sooner rather than later, that the titles Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Uncle or Aunt should be discontinued even though the titles were created by society for good reasons. Indeed, it has to be said that due to voter apathy, these messiahs with their special agenda have already achieved a degree of success by having bureaucracy arbitrarily replace husband and wife with ‘partner.’

For many years I have held the opinion that these activist messiahs of human rights are people who believe the only way to run the world is to put into practice their agenda of political correctness. On the other hand, I believe and hope, that sensible people who believe in human rights will bring their common sense to bear on these issues and defeat the politically correct. 

Unfortunately, Australia is fertile soil for the platoons of politically correct activists. These platoons thrive because, as a people, Australians have been spoiled by the excess of the good things given us by nature that we didn’t have to fight for. The result: it has become a nation apathetic about how society should operate. Unlike its early day as a nation it has become a nation complacent about ideas and, speaking figuratively, mentally obese.

Sadly, Australia has become a nation of the self-satisfied, many of whom believe they are a superior people and that they know what is good for the rest of the world. As a consequence, unfortunately, many also have also become so sure of their superiority that they take umbrage when their images of superiority and feeling of self – satisfaction are dented.   

As an example of maintaining that veneer of superiority and self satisfaction despite its alleged egalitarian ethos, Australia bribes athletes from poorer countries who have enjoyed lives denied their countrymen, to come to Australia and become citizens so that Australia will reap the benefits, not the country of the athlete.

And Australia also does the same in the health field by its poaching of many health professionals for example, doctors and nurses, from countries which themselves are badly in need of such skills. As with the athletes, the training of the health professionals was paid for by the country of their birth in the hope they could help improve its health – not Australia’s.    

Let me end by saying that in the second decade of the 21st century, I hope Australia will regain its initial innovative ethos and go back to the future to find leaders capable of restoring Australia’s reputation as a country of leaders with ideas.

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