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Climate Change

Posted on: 21 May 2012

This is the copy of an e-mail I received yesterday. I am posting it because climate change is an important issue not just here in Australia but across the world.

Now you may believe the world is doomed unless the predictions of the climate change lobby are accepted unquestioningly. But let me confess that I am not an unquestioning believer but a sceptic – not a denier.

Indeed much as I believe the climate is changing I do not find the predictions of the alarmists believable.

Even if readers of the blog do not agree with me I would appreciate their comments.

This letter was sent to all Members of Australia’s House of Representatives and Senate.

Dear Members of Parliament and Senators,

Why is the government insistent on implementing a CO2 price, given that it will not make any difference to the climate, or to sea levels, and most certainly will not “lead the world by example” (as has been so clearly demonstrated at the Copenhagen, Cancun and Durban conferences)?

If the government had been given sound, objective advice it would realise that there is no point in implementing a CO2 price unless the whole world participates. Renowned world leader in all matter to do with CO2 pricing, Yale economist Professor William Nordhaus, says in his 2008 book “A Question of Balance” [1], p19:

“We preliminarily estimate that a participation rate of 50 percent, as compared with 100 percent, will impose an abatement-cost penalty of 250 percent. Even with the participation of the top 15 countries and regions, consisting of three-quarters of world emissions, we estimate that the cost penalty is about 70 percent.”

Treasury estimates [2] suggest the Government’s CO2 pricing scheme will cost about $1,350 billion cumulative to 2050 (undiscounted), or $390 billion (discounted at 4.35% per annum, the rate used in the Nordhaus Yale-RICE model (2012) [3]). This cost may be an underestimate; for example, the compliance cost for CO2 measuring and monitoring apparently has not been estimated.

However, the benefit of the Government’s CO2 pricing will be virtually nil.

Why is the Australian Government so insistent on damaging our economy (and our wellbeing) for no environmental benefit?
Peter Lang.

Peter Lang is a well known Autralian who is Sceptical about climate change.


William Nordhaus (2008) “A Question of Balance”, p19,

Treasury (2011)”Strong Growth, Low Pollution – Modelling a Carbon Price”, [Chart 5:13]

Nordhaus, Yale-RICE Model (as of March 20, 2012)


1 Response to "Climate Change"

Australians, as individuals, are not all doing as they should. Money is still more important than family friends and neighbours to a lot of Australians. All of Humanity is our family. Everything else that exists is either a friend or a neighbour. We have become selfish and obsessed with material things

Although I know that, as an individual, my personal sacrifices to reduce the toll on the Earth are just puny efforts compared to what the whole of Australia needs to do, I am still doing it. If each of us made an effort, we would not have to pass laws to force co-operation. Even if no-one sees me, I am leading by example. I am doing what I think to be the right thing to do. There is a cost to me in comfort. However, on the other hand, there is also a reduction in the amount I have to pay in energy bills.

Even if you do not believe in trying to reduce CO2 emissions, I find it difficult to believe that you are unaware of harmful pollution which is contributing , I am sure, to a rise in cancers. We are eating, drinking and breathing chemicals, non-stop. I try to use organic products, as well as recycled ones. When I can’t, I try to find sustainably produced articles.

I’m appalled by all this talk about money. Some things cost a lot more than money. When is Australia going to wake up?

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