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The Zo Fable

Posted on: 11 July 2012

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Any resemblance to existing people or country in this fable is purely coincidental.

Once upon a time there was a land called Zo whose history was shrouded in mystery. Indeed it was so shrouded in history that when the captain of a ship from the Tribian nation came upon Zo just over two hundred years ago, he thought it an empty land. However, after landing at a place now known as Tobany Bay, he and his crew met some people on the beach. Later he came to know them as one of the many tribes called Ebaringosi that had long been settled in Zo.

After taking time to get his land legs when the captain began exploring, he noted that that Zo’s flora and animals were quite unlike any they had seen before. He noted also the Ebaringosi seemed healthy. In later limited conversation with them, the captain and crew thought them peaceful although later they would find out that while many were peaceful, some displayed qualities very much like some of the people they had brought with them on the ship.

The Tribians also had something in common with the Ebaringosi. They, too, were tribal people who came from tribes known as the Shengils, Toscs, Hiris and Shlew who, many thousands of years before, had travelled to Tribian, where they settled down. Regardless of their settling down however, they had never lost their travelling instinct, which is why they had ended up on Zo

But the Tribians were also on a mission. They were looking for land suitable for a penal colony where some of their criminals they had brought with them, would serve their sentence. Though at the time the non-criminals who had come with them didn’t take to Zo, as time passed not only did they begin to think it an ideal penal colony but also that it offered opportunities.

What helped foster that idea was the fact that the cattle, sheep and seed for crops they had brought with them to help feed themselves and the criminals, had thrived so well they were happy that despite ZO being far from anywhere,. Inevitably however, people from tribes in nations other Tribian heard about Zo, and decided to pay it a visit.

But sadly, not all was going as well on Zo as the Tribians would have liked. For various reasons the Tribians and Ebaringosi started fighting. Unsurprisingly, because of the Tribian’s superior weapons, more Ebaringosi died in the fighting. Not that all Ebaringosi fought the Tribian. Some so liked the Tribianis’ way of life and the things they brought with them that they gave up their nomadic life and adopted the Tribians’ lifestyle.

At the same time the Tribian and their families, decided to follow the example of people in a place called America that at one time Tribian had also used as a penal colony. The Americans tired of being ruled from Tribian decided to fight Tribian rule. They won the ensuing civil war and then established a new set of rules for living.

Following the American example, the people of ZO decided, they, too, would decide their own destiny, but in their case without a civil war. More and more people from other tribes who came to Zo who also wanted to look after themselves also called themselves Zos.

Unfortunately for the Ebaringosi, as Zo’s population grew, their percentage of the population decreased which resulted in them not only being pushed further into the background but also deprived of their historical lifestyle. At times more unfortunately, many small civil wars broke out between the Ebaringosi, old and new Tribians as well as old and new non-Tribians and, much as no one wanted to admit it, the effect was to destroy the image of Zo as the lucky country where everyone lived happily together.

Most fables I’ve read usually have a happy ending but if only to act as the exception that proves rule this fable does not have a happy ending. Fortunately, however, it is only a fable but with Australia’s history following the same lines, I hope it does not end up as a case of life copying art by becoming a copy of America.


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I gave you a link back on one of my pr3 pages, I hope this is ok.

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