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About the Anti Global Warming Church

Posted on: 25 November 2012

When talking about Global warming I use the word dissenter because the word sceptic doesn’t mean the same, not that you’d think so from what climate change experts say. For the Apostles the word sceptic means total non-believer or, more precisely, people without belief in Climate Change whereas dissenters are doubters that Thomas the Apostle would be proud of.

According to the IPCC the Apostles of Climate Change, the majority of people in the world know that the climate is changing. But I wonder if the 1.3 billion Chinese or the 1.2 billion Indians or the multi millions of Bangladeshis, Africans, Indonesians, Malaysians and other peoples in the world think as the Apostles do? I suggest not.

It seems to me that as they go the Climate Change Apostles are writing their own version of the climate change bible. And as happened with the bible stories of Mathew, Mark, Luke and John, the stories in their Climate Change bible will support their theses.

Unfortunately over time many IPCC scientists have donned the mantle of zealots; for them, tomorrow is either doom day or a day that is bringing doom ever closer. The Climate Change Church puts great faith in fear and uses it at every possible opportunity. The result: even when some of the Church hierarchy said stories of Hurricane Sandy and other major storms were not caused by global warming, they persisted with spurious stories that they were

Now I don’t know what you think about bankers but when you think of the mess brought about by the worlds’ major finance organisations at the time of the Global Financial Crisis, you might find it difficult to accept their views about climate change.

That said, a few days ago these gurus of finance posited that the world is headed for ruin unless the use of fossil fuels is curbed. Part of its message was that curbing them made good economic and environmental sense. Now I can understand the World Bank making an economic statement but am at a loss about its environmental knowledge. Perhaps the GFC happened while gathering climate change experience in the physical environment.

Of course the real truth is the bank they merely commissioned the report which is only another way of saying, if you don’t believe the report don’t blame the Bank. As to why the Bank thought it should enter the climate change debate is not clear although its report was prepared by Germany’s Potsdam Institute of Climate Research Germany

Perhaps the Bank’s report, signed by President Dr Jim Yong Kim, President of Harvard’s Dartmouth College, who had been nominated for the post of bank president by President Obama, was issued to support President Obama, who was having difficulty with his climate change policy. His words that he hoped ‘this report shocks us into action’ suggests as much.

But I hope the IPCC itself is shocked into action and drops it science is settled approach. When I read that phrase I am reminded of my high school Maths Master, Dr John Lunny who, when examining my answer to a problem asked: quod erat demonstrandum? In other words: had I proved that which was required to be proved?

A final opinion: I wish the intellectual snobs of the IPPC, fearful of their status, who malign global warming and its son climate change, had been students of Dr Lunny.

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