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Posted on: 8 January 2013

When will Australia learn?

No doubt you’ve found yourself in the same position as I did when I sat down to write the first of the political articles I promised in my blog of 3 January. Usually there’s no dearth of political items to write about in January particularly issues raised by politicians who rarely ever get media coverage.

But this January, not only have these politicians but also better known ones been pushed off the front pages of newspapers they have all but disappeared from the electronic media. Their places in the media have been taken by stories of the horrendous fires in Tasmania that, as I write, have wiped at least 100 houses, scores of local businesses and farm properties off the map which, when they die out will leave a landscape indistinguishable from the lunar landscape and unlikely ever again come to life. One hopes not many people will become part of that landscape.

Unfortunately many people will lose treasured possessions that tell their life story and the interwoven life story of their families. In a sense they also lose their life. Fortunately unlike much of the landscape they will recover and, albeit with sadness, start recreating a new life for themselves

Equally fortunately, the stories of the people who saved their own lives and helped save the lives of others in their community have replaced politicians whose time in the media is usually spent castigating opponents as moral frauds and themselves as the opposite. By doing so the hope the impression created makes them certain of being re-elected.

That apart and ever ready to seize the chance of showing sympathy with those who have suffered, politicians are sizing their limited opportunities for publicity by donning the mantle of care for people affected by despair, grief and sadness brought by the bushfires. At the same time some politicians have conflated the cause of bushfires to climate change to help push their own agendas. That said I find it strange that so many politicians seem to have acquired a degree in climate science since being elected.

A case in point is the story (“PM visits burnt ruin, gives grim warning” CT page 2 NEWS, 2/113) by Andrew Darby –“And while you would not put any one event down to climate change…we do know that, over time as a result of climate change. We are going to see more extreme weather events.” Later in the report Ms Gillard said” But the worst thing is if human lives are lost” so setting the stage for an even more horrendous scene that, in effect is all due to climate change.

Naturally she gives people the assurance that everything will be done to help fix any problems.

Now I know PM Gillard is a lawyer but by her collective “we” she makes the assumption as lots of lawyers do that the people at large, in this case the Taswegians affected by the bushfires agree with her. But do they? At times of great emotional distress people often rush to judgment and at the time agree with ideas they do not support.

No doubt zealots of the Climate Change church will use these statements to help lay the blame on dissenters to their climate change liturgy for not changing the world into what they think it should be. I can see it now, a world populated with signs saying: windturbines in opeartion- no low flying plane, model planes and kites allowed in this area’ or: no bathing between the flags due to wind turbines and wave motion machines in operation.

On the assurance side, let me remind people briefly about the Canberra bushfires of 2003 when the loss of four lives was attributed to the fire while just over 400 plus houses were burned to the ground. The ACT Government and senior bureaucrats were castigated in inquiries about the management of the fire fighting operation. Indeed, many bushfire victims were so outraged by the results of the inquiries they took the matters to courts.

While both Government and bureaucrats were found to be negligent many survivors still think they were not punished severely enough for their poor management skills so much so that arguments about blame for the deaths and fire are still alive.

And then take Black Saturday in Victoria 2009 when bushfires cause 173 deaths and destroyed around 2,100 houses and 2,000 other buildings. That resulted in another major inquiry with its attendant solutions. Unfortunately that did not prevent the Tasmanian fire.

Let me end with question. When will we learn that Australia as a country owes much of its prosperity to places where bushfires occur that to help ensure that prosperity continues it must deal with bushfires on a national basis?

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