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Remember: a new world sprang from chaos

Posted on: 7 February 2013

I’d like to start with a short apology to my faithful subscribers. Unfortunately due to computer malfunction I have been unable to post blogs for nearly a week. Although the problem is not yet totally fixed I hope to restore full service as soon as possible.

Remember: a new world sprang from chaos

On the basis of events in Federal and ACT politics over the past few years one could be forgiven for thinking that a group of special agents used by Chaos, the legendary evil organisation in the American TV comedy Get Smart, whose objective was to destabilise the US and seize power, had been brought to life in Canberra. And if only to keep the analogy alive a group of agents led by Maxwell Smart and Agent 99, used by the US Government’s Control organisation to combat Chaos, had also been brought to life in Canberra.

If you don’t believe me visit Canberra. Even if you can’t recognise them, you can be sure that agents from both groups will be keeping themselves well fed and well-oiled, all the better to carry out undermining their enemies on behalf of their respective masters.

The characteristics of the Canberra groups are much the same as the originals: bungling and ineptitude. Naturally the bungling and ineptitude of the originals was the cause of much laughter. ‘Get Smart’ was a masterpiece of satire.

Sadly many Canberra agents are disguised as politicians. Unfortunately, while the ‘Get Smart’ originals provided a good laugh’ Australians at large are doing more crying than laughing at their imitators in Canberra. To give some perspective to Canberra, Chaos is seen as both the Federal Liberal/National Party opposition and in the ACT as the Liberal opposition. Usually this state of affairs lasts for an electoral term but not always.

At the moment the Governments federally and in the ACT are in power courtesy of Independents (?) and a Green, who owe them no allegiance but, like all pragmatists, observe the philosophy that when you’re on a good thing stick to it. Pragmatically, they also keep repeating the old political cliché to voters who have little idea of what they do: we don’t do this for ourselves, we do it for you.

But the big difference between politics and make believe is that the insults in the latter disappear at the end of half an hour while ones made in today’s world are recorded and repeated endlessly in the media. This has led few voters to believe politicians who say today that at the end of a political day such insults and their effect also disappear.

That said, let’s look at the Federal and ACT situation. The ACT first: for the next four years no matter the mistakes of the ACT Government, nothing is likely to change. This puts the onus on the Opposition to ensure Government’s mistakes are kept before voters while  at the same time, keeping a close eye on what voters need and turning those needs into future policy.

Federally however, scene is different. Voters already know there is to be an election on 14 September. However, unlike the ACT’s fixed electoral date, it is possible for a Federal election to be held before 14 September, which would give the Opposition time to get rid of the chaos in its ranks.

On the basis of the Federal Government’s record over the past two years and three months, I suspect that if voters could be canvassed today they’d say an election should be held before September. And also, if asked who would win, I bet they’d say the Opposition.

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