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Many a mickle makes a muckle

Posted on: 11 February 2013

Many a mickle makes a muckle

In case you didn’t know, in the Lallans language of Scotland a mickle is a small amount and a muckle a big amount. And so it is that over time in Scotland the phrase heading this column which means’ a lot of little things make a troublesome big thing’  became established.   

Perhaps it was John McTernan the media mistakenly call a Scot (he was born in London in 1959) and perhaps even more mistakenly called Gillard’s Brain, that caused the mickles that started Prime Minister down the road to some very big muckles 

But no matter, even if the so called Brain caused the big muckles the Prime Minister is facing, she is the person that voters find responsible for growing uncertainty in the community. That they think so is because they are constantly being bombarded by statements from Labor Government Ministers that Australia is the envy of the world.

No doubt it should be but when the mining tax financial panacea the government boasted of falls to meet government’s promises of $2 billion by only raising $126 million, voters start calling into question the government’s credibility and honesty. And when they hear further that the government is proposing to tax their superannuation benefits and use the money to help fund its grandiose feel good proposals they worry even more.  

 Indeed some people I know who have voted Labor all their life say they are fed up waiting for the Utopian society Labor continually promises to bring them through their latest social engineering policies.  At the next election, out of habit some will vote Labor again. But I venture to suggest that many will not. And nor do I think they will turn to the Greens who are even greater believers in Utopia.

More to the point over the next decade I hope young voters decide to form new parties that will bring new vision to politics. Just as younger people decades ago went on to create new and better cars, medicines, health systems, agricultural practices, aircraft, space ships, ocean going ships et all, that improved travel and the very basis of life, we need young people today to create the new future which will only come about by the setting up of new political governance models.

Labor parties are anachronisms and Liberal parties are anything but Liberal. As for Green Parties there are as many styles of Green Parties as there are shades of Green, Conservative parties including Labor, Nationals and every other Party that despite their supposed allegiance to democracy, are ruled over by people of dynastic bent. And as we have seen recently, some are just bent. Indeed even at the moment many people in some parties could move to a different party and fit in comfortably.

In the meantime as new political models will take time to become established I’d like to see a system set up that would ensure no member of parliament served more than two ensure a continual injection of fresh ideas, something currently in short supply.

Unfortunately real political warfare and revolution have disappeared. Instead hundreds of minor groups with tunnel vision have taken over unlike in earlier times when people died for their ideas. And much as we now disapprove of this without them unfortunately we could be stuck with the current outmoded system for decades to come.

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