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About Smart Aleck Bloggers, political plagiarists and Green Pirates

Posted on: 26 February 2013

About Smart Aleck Bloggers, political plagiarists and Green Pirates

Many readers are put off using blogs because the comments they attract come from people who only use the blog’s title as a means of polluting the web with smart aleck remarks and more rubbish than can ever be recycled. Eventually this rubish will destroy the web and blogging as means of transmitting ideas. I get much of this rubbish on my website and it gets there under the cover of making a comment about my blog.

The same thing is happening generally in the media. As with the web much of what appears or is broadcast could be classed as rubbish though it is said to be of interest. Personally I think the interest is confined to the people participating and their friends.This is particularly noticeable  with continual recycling of ABC radio programmes constantly being recycled and called repeats. The ABC and the commercial TV stations are guilty also of repeating programmes ad nauseum on the new channels which says little for the state of the industry.

But radio, TV are not the only guilty recyclers; so too, are newspapers.  Indeed, at times,all three seem to have run out of new things to broadcast or write about. I’m waiting for our politicians to come up with new ideas and stopped visiting the dustbin of history to drag out old ideas, clothe them with different words and then posture in the media like little Jack Horner who, when sitting in a corner eating a Christmas pie, put in his thumb and pulled out a plum and said “what a good boy am I.’

Far be from me to suggest that every Australian voter thinks this is the case but in my opinion most do. That said it seems to me that unless Australia’s political parties wake up to the fact that voters are fed up being treated as children who need to be patted on the head and fed nursery rhymes,  they will face political revolution

This is only a short blog which I’d like to end while sitting watching the ABC’s 7.30 pm .report about the alleged ramming of the Sea Shepherd by Japanese Whalers in the Southern Ocean.

As a former seaman, I can only say the Sea Shepherd’s behaviour was appalling and contrary to the law of the sea. And both former Australian and Greens Leader senator Bob Brown, now a director of the Sea Shepherd Group, who heaped praise on the actions of the Captain and crew of the Sea Shepherd, deserve to be treated as pirates.

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Regarding the Sea Shepard incident it leads me to wonder about the limits of civil disobedience. Can this be called civil disobedience when multi thousand ton ships are involved? Is civil disobedience for another species a concept whose time has come or an oxymoron? Since whales in the open ocean are not “property” in the way a laboratory rat or monkey is does that lessen the potential criminal aspects of this? Legally and morally there are a lot of interesting and unresolved questions here and it will be interesting to see how it eventually plays out.

Why not do a full article on the questions you raise? If you send itto me I’ll post it to the website.

I can’t wait to see on of the Greenpeace ships sunk by their own device.
” civil disobedience” is a PC term used by the Greens to avoid saying ” criminal behaviour”. In one sense, whaling is just fishing. What’s the difference between fishing for whales and fishing for haddock, or flathead, or salmon etc. etc.
The difference is that The Greens have turned it into an emotive event designed to elicit sympathy and support for them. Just as they do with emotive pics of giant trees being felled.
Bob Brown and The Greens use whales and forests in a way which is abhorrent to me – for publicity.

It appears that the U.S. Federal court has weighed in, overruling a lower court and declaring the Sea Shepard group as pirates.

As for your suggestion about a longer article I will give it thought.

[…] About Smart Aleck Bloggers, political plagiarists and Green Pirates […]

What do you think of this? 

The 9th Circuit court in The U.S. has recently branded the Sea Shepard organization as pirates for their tactics used against Japanese whaling vessels in the Southern Ocean, overruling a lower court opinion on the matter. While such overrules are commonplace it is an issue that bears closer scrutiny.  The Sea Shepards actions, characterized by Chief Judge Alex Kozinski as “Ram(ming) ships; hurl glass containers of acid; drag metal-reinforced ropes in the water to damage propellers and rudders; launch smoke bombs and flares with hooks; and point high-powered lasers at other ships, you are, without a doubt, a pirate, no matter how high-minded you believe your purpose to be,”   Under international law the Japanese are allowed to hunt whales for “research”. The whaling is carried out by the Institute for Cetacean Research in Japan but research long been known to be a very thinly veiled concession to the Japanese palate.  The real reason is that the Japanese like to eat whale meat. This veil was perhaps unintentionally pierced by Japans’ Minister for Forest, Agriculture and Fisheries when he said “In some countries they eat dogs, like Korea. In Australia they eat kangaroos,” he was cited as saying. “We don’t eat those animals, but we don’t stop them from doing that because we understand that’s their culture.”   It is a fair point.  It would be unthinkable in most western countries to eat dog.  The emotional reaction would be as great as a Hindu eating a cow. This is how the Sea Shepards feel about eating whales.  But why do they feel this way? Cetaceans are highly intelligent mammals, equal or superior to dogs, and apes. This intelligence engenders them to us in ways a fish or pig does not although I will note that pigs are also quite intelligent.  So clearly an animal’s intelligence does not prevent Humans from eating them. Liberals are typically much more animal rights friendly than conservatives.  The movement to eat Dolphin free tuna is one pertinent example.  Dolphins also belong to the same family as whales. So there is historical precedence for human protection of Cetaceans some of which undoubtedly comes from stories of Dolphins helping Humans in distress. The Sea Shepards take this protection to an extreme. It is difficult to see a reason for this extremity other than a purely emotional reaction.  While the Japanese may be skirting both the letter and the intent of the law their whaling activity does not threaten whale populations in the Southern Ocean. It should be noted that Japan is not alone. South Korea, Norway and Iceland also permit commercial whaling.  Why the Sea Shepards focus on Japanese whaling is uncertain.   In addition to the actions noted by Judge Kozinski the Sea Shepards also claim to have sunk 10 whaling ships in harbor.  Are these actions truly those of pirates or is this an act of civil disobedience in defense of another? These actions of destruction are the main reason any claim of civil disobedience is spurious.  Gandhi would never throw a butyric acid bomb, nor would Martin Luther King scuttle a ship.  Civil disobedience is not disobedience by civilians but a polite, firm non action of civility.  If the Sea Shepards chained themselves to gates to prevent the whale from being distributed (it is processed on board the ship) or similar nonviolent acts instead of acids and lasers they might have a sustainable claim to civil disobedience.  But that could subject them to arrest and prosecution. Something they do not seem prepared to experience but may well face despite trying to use international waters to shield themselves.  They are eco-terrorists, vigilantes, or pirates.  Take your pick.  That they have yet to kill someone is surprising. They are not in the mold of Gandhi or Dr, King.  The animal rights movement must keep searching for that figure.   There are 3 levels of consciousness.  There is Man who is sentient. There are semi animals like Chimpanzees, some other primates, perhaps dogs and cetaceans that exhibit self-awareness but not sentience and then there are the true animals that operate at a purely instinctual level.  Eventually, Man may rethink his relationship to that middle group.   I wish the Japanese would stop eating whale as well as Shark fin soup, something that is decimating shark populations and a cause Chef Gordon Ramsey has undertaken. But sharks aren’t cute. They are predators and we are among their occasional prey making them a much harder sell. Perhaps whales aren’t exactly cute either but they are magnificent, majestic creatures and deserve to be left alone. I like whales but I like them as a species and the species is what I root for, not every individual whale. I hope they find a better champion than the Sea Shepards.  

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[…] NB.  It’s pleasing to see the US Federal Court agrees with me that the Sea Shepherd is a pirate ship, as suggested in yesterday’s post: About Smart Aleck Bloggers, political plagiarists and Green Pirates […]

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