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Don Allan’s week in review

Posted on: 3 March 2013

Don Allan’s week in review

Unlikely as it is, I hope writing a weekly review is one of those spur of the moment decisions that will end up being a flash of genius.

The idea of the weekly review is to write about items I should have written about during that last week but didn’t. It’s a review about missed issues that might eventually affect Canberra and Australia. An example:  I might have said to myself that because the gun control issue has gone off the boil in Australia a blog about it in the US will be of little interest to readers.

How wrong can you be? If anything, the gun issue seems to be gaining traction. That said if the voice of protest in the US is heeded and President Obama actually creates laws that contribute to a decline in gun violence, such laws will be copied sooner or later by other countries also concerned with gun violence.

In any case it seems odd to me that in the world’s leading republic the second amendment of its Constitution is based on the English (not British) Bill of Rights created in 1689 by the English monarchy. As a former soldier I am not anti-gun but nor am I like those people who, as one listens to them, seem to think every person in the community is a likely gun killer thus making it necessary for them to carry a gun for protection.

I have heard officers of America’s National Rifle Association say it is violent video games and TV programmes that encourage gun use. This is a spurious argument: the fact is, the US law that gives people a licence to carry a gun made the habit of carrying a gun a bad habit long before film, TV and Video Games became part of society’s norm. The scary part is that using guns to settle real and often imagined problems is becoming the norm in other countries also. Unsurprisingly, however, countries with laws that make gun ownership difficult have the lowest rates of gun violence. Sadly, if the former have high rates of immigration, even new arrivals from the latter quickly become acculturated to guns.

The only way to stop gun violence is to stop making guns which would be described as a step too far not only by arms makers but even by non -gun minded citizens at the loss of jobs in particular communities and the consequent decline in various economies. Much as this action would be desirable it is unlikely to happen in the short term. I have no doubt that it will happen eventually but it will happen only when man with his creative capacity invents a piece of technology that will provide jobs but also can kill and be carried easily.

A subject that has attracted my attention for many years is the issue of equality. What does equality mean?  How can it be achieved? Is it a natural quality or confected? Is it, or is it not a human right? And that’s only a few of the questions that can be asked.

But perhaps the most important question of all is: who can decide what equality means? What I think might be equality be seen by others as inequality. It is only too easy to say that a court can decide on what is equality. While that might be true when comparing one product with another but how can one human or even a collective of humans decide on equality?

Can emotions such as love be measured in terms of equality? Can hate be measured? Can anger be measured? Can pain be measured? Can joy be measured? If so what criteria are used to measure these emotions? For example, who can measure my pleasure in writing if indeed such pleasure can be measured?

The fact is, that because equality means different things to different people it also means that equality cannot be measured, as everyone’s measurement criteria is different.

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