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Posted on: 10 March 2013

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Failed promises and heavy taxation causing death of Labor

You can bet your last dollar on it that as the elections draw near many politicians seeking re-election wish at times that in the past they had kept their mouth shut. Unfortunately, and to their dismay, technology can now permanently inscribe rash promises made in the heat of an election campaign.

Worse, anxious for voters to hear their promises the electronic media helped broadcast them far and wide before the politicians realised they had made promises they couldn’t keep. Only after the votes had been counted at the next election did they find out how true was the saying: you can fool people some of the time and some of them all of the time but you can’t fool all of them all of the time.

Take West Australia as an example. From the result of the State election in which Labor sustained what could only be called a rout, it is quite clear that voters felt Labor had been trying to fool them. And based on voters’ answers elicited by journalists, Labor faces another rout at the Federal election in September.

Will this happen? I don’t know, but well – known political Oracles predict that even though the Liberals are undergoing traumas in some parts of the country, voters generally are of the view that, based on the NSW Labor scandals and the performance of the Prime Minister and some of her Ministers, Labor is not to be trusted.

It is not to be denied that the Liberals have some problems of their own even if not on the scale of Labor. For example, In the Northern Territory, the Government’s deputy leader has just lost his position and voters are becoming restive over what seems to be a lack of progress on the promises made by Government at the last election.

Unfortunately Labor, it is not being seen in any better light due to the Prime Minister personally endorsing a novice for the Senate in place of its current tried, trusted and well liked sitting Senator. This is in direct contrast to voters views of the PM and some of her Ministers particularly regarding the keeping of promises and heavy doses of taxation

And Victoria also has a problem. Liberal Premier Ted Baillieu, by all accounts a good man, respected even by his Labor opponents as a man of honesty, intelligence and integrity, has resigned as Premier in the interests of the party. I find it sad that no longer do politicians need these qualities necessary to be successful. A capacity to lie like a con man (non -gender specific) or an assassin now seem to be the necessary qualities.

Of course living in Canberra, the nation’s capital, which is about to celebrate its centenary is not only of great importance to me it is also important to the rest of Australia. That said, if the Liberal Party in Canberra, the city touted as Australia’s best educated, cleverest and most cultural, can’t elect a Liberal Senate candidate without behaving like spoilt children, perhaps it should copy NT Labor and parachute in a candidate. It should also heed the fact that the ACT Greens senate candidate will not be slow to capitalize on its current disarray.

Not to put too fine a point on it, unless the Liberals acquire some common sense, this disgraceful episode might have serious repercussions at the next ACT Assembly election so that, Instead of Labor minority Government being elected, Labor will be elected with a majority.

Now you might ask: what will happen to the Greens? It seems to me that unless the Liberals quickly put their house in order, it is possible that it could lose its long established position of having a Liberal Senator in the ACT. But perhaps the thought of that danger is what the Liberal Party needs to jolt it out of its complacency.

It should remember that having a Liberal Senator in the ACT is not a tradition by right but a position that has to be earned.

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