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Facebook and Twitter:the twin towers of internet babel

Posted on: 21 March 2013

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Facebook and Twitter: the twin towers of internet babel

Facebook and Twitter should set up sites on which the only posts can be made by politicians, wannabes politicians, political letter writers and bloggers who only comment on politics and social issues. This would prevent both sites being cluttered by the untrammelled stream of inane gossip from contributors who seem to have nothing else to occupy their mind.

Let me suggest the websites would be welcome additions to the internet. This is not to suggest these websites would be free of inanity. Indeed not; politicians often utter the most striking inanities as do political commentators, letter writers and bloggers. At the same time their comment can be just as biased.

Indeed political and social issues sites without inanities would be too much to hope for but nevertheless they would serve a useful purpose in that they would allow people to make assessments about issues without being overwhelmed by what is often social drivel.

Facebook and Twitter Political websites could be seen as contributing to the cause of freedom of speech, unfortunately not a freedom that has wide acceptance in the media. I find it appalling that as civilisation has advanced freedom of speech in the media seems to have declined with editor after editor seemingly loath to allow it.

A brief digression: many editors also seem reluctant to subscribe to the phrase usually attributed to Voltaire: ‘I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it’ which in fact was coined by English writer Evelyn Beatrice Hall (pseudonym S.G. Tallentyre) in ‘Friends of Voltaire (1906). However it should be noted that Hall said later that she had been paraphrasing Voltaire’s words in his “Essay on Tolerance.”

Digression over let me return to Facebook and Twitter. I have heard both of these functions being lauded by some users as “cool.” Well for me they are cool and to such an extent that, when unwittingly drawn into one or the other by people who think they are doing me favour, I feel a chill of horror running up and down my spine.

There is one other thing I’m sure of. Following today’s Labor Party farce held at the Theatre of the Absurd, known an as Parliament House, Canberra, Facebookers and Twitterers will be working hard tonight. No doubt they will have much to say about what happened.

I have something to say myself. Political ‘experts’ say that following the spill brought on by Labor Minister Simon Crean, Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard and  her deputy Wayne Swan were re-elected unopposed by the Labor Caucus. True but not true. The fact is, because Gillard and Swan were the only people to nominate for the positions the positions were not put to a vote. This is not the same as saying that following a formal voting process and a check of voting slips, no votes against them had been recorded.

And so l end with a question. Do voters think Labor’s leadership brou – ha- ha has ended?

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