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Procrastination, Politics and other contentions

Posted on: 31 March 2013

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Procrastination, Politics and other contentions

There’s a saying that procrastination is the thief of time but I’ve come to the conclusion it’s more the thief of mind than of time.  I say that because I’ve been procrastinating all day on what to write about.

Not at there‘s a shortage of material but in these days of free speech by the time you’ve finished checking up on what you might like to write about a you could end up passing a day in procrastinating. For example you might think that instead of speaking freely about race, what you write could end up with you being accused of discrimination. And when you add ethnicity, colour, gender, or religion to the list of things you might like to write about, your procrastinating could take a long time.

In all probability religion would be an issue that would cause you to procrastinate at length partly because many people adopt a religion depending on circumstances or when they think it convenient. Over the years people many people who claim to be Christians have, at various times, identified as Catholic, Anglican or Episcopalian. At the same time some have identified themselves variously as Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian or one of the many other Christian Sects that exist. Of course in Western Christian circles it could be hard to identify as Zen Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu or one of the many African, Middle Eastern, or Far Eastern religions. Agnostics and atheists have been omitted for obvious reasons.

Today, of course, we have instant religions.  By that I mean people adopt an issue and turn it into a belief they think so obvious that everyone else should see it in the same light. When other people do not adopt the belief they are often dismissed as intellectually deficient of mind in that area of life when, in fact, it is they who are deficient in that area.

Over the ages many people of intellect have suffered from this problem to the extent that while they might have managed to force people to accept their view ether by force of arms or force of law they also have managed to divide society. They are unwilling to compromise. For them, only their view is acceptable. In other words they have become disciples of righteousness. As a result they alienate people in society and reinforce the alienation they said they were removing.

Sadly, many of those who adopt this attitude are members of the judiciary, doctors of medicine, academics, scientist and members of religious orders, people from a plethora of disciplines. In their own mind, and even more sadly, they have elevated themselves to their own special pantheon of the wise who should be consulted on the course of action society should follow.

Included in this group are writers and journalists whose writings can influence society for good or bad. Their writings are often quoted by others as if equal to the wisdom handed down like the mythological tablets of advice handed down by the mythological God to Moses. Unfortunately, many people believe their writings not because they understood them but because they had been endorsed by others of similar ilk.

Underlying these religions is another religion called politics whose many sects whose leaders worship power and at election time promise – if we support them at the ballot box – good governance and a cornucopia of social delights that will turn the earth which politicians have helped turn into something woeful into an earth of unending joy and happiness.

In years to come not only will our descendants wonder at the thinking processes used by the pantheon of the wise in their decision making process. As for me let me sum up my feelings with Alfred Lord Tennyson’s often misquoted words in the poem, ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’ and say: ours is not to reason why ours is but to do and die..

A Happy Easter to all.

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