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God is shrouded in mystery

Posted on: 7 April 2013

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God is shrouded in mystery

At the every outset I should make it clear that I don’t believe in either the God of Christians or the Allah of Muslims.. Believe me, too, when I say my name has not been misspelled, it is Allan even if the name derives from the followers of an Arabic tribe that moved to Europe in the third century AD and settled in France.

How their descendants arrived in Scotland I have no idea. In any case I don’t know of anyone who has any idea about where their family originated. While the TV programme “Who Do You Think You Are?” has been successful in tracing the ancestry of certain guests I don’t think it has ever traced the particular ancestry of any to pre 3 AD.

This brings me to God, Allah and the multitude of Gods that existed pre Islam or Christianity. Of Christianity it is said that its leader, a young Jewish man called Jesus Christ was the Son of God which is the start of the God mystery as his mother, married to a man called Joseph, was a young Jewish lady called Mary.

The mystery about this relationship is that, the seventh of the Ten Commandments allegedly handed down by God to an old Jewish leader called Moses centuries before Jesus Christ about how people should live, condemns adultery, yet biologically Jesus was the son of an adulterous relationship. And the fifth of the commandments says mothers and fathers should be honoured, a commandment that in this case would seem not to have been honoured.

As for Jesus himself, apart from gospels stories by itinerant writers after he had been crucified and died, nothing much is known about him except he was said to be unmarried. However, recent discoveries suggest Jesus had married a woman called Mary Magdalene who clearly subscribed to his religious philosophy thus making Jesus as mysterious as his God, his alleged father.

That said it seems strange to me that although a lot is known about the creators of pre Christian civilisations (Roman and Greek et al), God remains a hypothetical figure although the religion known as Christianity is, despite its many ups and downs, the West’s major religious belief system.

As for Islam’s its founder is known as Muhammad with the Quran (Koran) the central text of the Islamic philosophy that Muslims believe was revealed to Muhammad by the archangel Gabriel. While mention of Muhammad in the Quran is scarce, it has verses that can be interpreted as allusions to Muhammad’s life. Of itself the Quran however provides little assistance for a chronological biography of Muhammad thus, in many respects, like the life of Jesus it lacks historical context.

It must be said that lack of historical context seems not to have been a problem because the combined total of believers in the 2,000 year old religion and 1,500 years old religion is greater than the combined total of all other religions. That this is the case says much for the persuasive powers of the originators and followers through the ages.

However, it has to be said also that these persuasive powers were often exercised by armies wielding swords and later guns while their leaders continually said they followed a God of peace. Sometimes these wars were also internecine affairs, a situation that still applies and a situation that will apply for centuries to come or until even more persuasive leaders will emerge preaching new philosophies.

However, instead of bringing peace I suspect these philosophies will bring new wars that again will be internecine, inter-territorial and inter galactic.

Had I even the faintest idea of what these new philosophies will be about I would say so, but I don’t. That said I will end by say that if Scottish poet Robert Burns were alive today he would probably amend his 1784 Dirge to end with the words: Man’s inhumanity to man makes millions mourn. Unfortunately, as in past centuries, man will not heed these words.

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