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Who’s your choice as Australia’s next Prime Minister?

Posted on: 12 June 2013

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Who’s your choice as Australia’s next  Prime Minister?

To be or not to be, who, not that, is the question.  On the basis of today’s political climate it seems as if the Australian Party can’t make up its mind. In turn this makes the electorate worried about the quality of the people Labor is talking about as prospective Leaders. That, of course, is premised on Julia Gillard standing down voluntarily as PM -an unlikely event – that if most Labor MPs ones currently serving in her Government were re-elected, she’d be better off out of it.

There are wannnabe leaders starting with previous Leader Kevin Rudd, who clearly has recovered physically from the wound in his back that caused his removal as Prime Minister on 24 June, 2010.  However, while he seems to have recovered physically from the wound clearly he has not expunged the memory of it from his mind.

Indeed, at times, unless one knew better, it would be easy to think as he flits around Australia from electorate to electorate delivering his ambiguous prolix messages about his political ambitions, that he was still Prime Minister. Nevertheless, even if pre-election, he beat JulIa Gillard in a popularity vote, I am not sure that come the election, voters would hand the helm of government back to him.

The reason for that, in his time as PM, although seemingly a man of politeness and intellect, he was exposed by his personal staff and senior bureaucrats as a man of crude verbal violence. But more than that, he was given to displaying an authoritarianism and arrogance more associated with dictators than democrats.

It would be easy to harp on about Rudd’s faults but to do so would be to accord him publicity he doesn’t deserve. What I find surprising is that a party which boasts of its belief in egalitarianism didn’t know of Rudd’s faults. I suspect it did but chose to cover them up to avoid being labelled as being the same as the Opposition.

To some degree it could be said also that cover up has replaced transparency in politics. That said, let me add that politicians would be wise to remember the words of Lincoln: “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

Next in the queue of wannabe PMs is Bill Shorten. Said to be a smart cookie, one would have to say his political vision was somewhat impaired else he wouldn’t have initiated Rudd’s deposition as PM so that Gillard could take his place. Once installed as PM Gillard clearly hoped for electoral success and more than one term as PM.

And if Shorten hoped his time as a Union official would be to his benefit in his drive to become Leader and PM, adds to the idea that he has impaired vision. With union membership in decline, such an outcome was unlikely. (Think Lincoln)

As to the election Labor seems to expect that Tony Abbott’s perceived anti women reputation and previous comments of many years ago in relation industrial relations will be deciding factors at the election. I think Labor is badly mistaken.

However, it must be said that some Shadow Minister and Current Government Ministers, some Coalition MPs some wannabes, some Labor MPS and some wannabes have something in common. They have to habit of putting feet in mouth because they have not learned the value of silence.

With the election three months away election watch could prove interesting. Three months has given front – runners enough time to demonstrate their ability and foot in mouth people time to demonstrate their skill.

Comment welcome.

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