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Time to rid parliament of political Noddies

Posted on: 7 July 2013

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Time to rid parliament of political Noddies

According to the almost daily rhetoric of political pundits, ‘ordinary’ people are not interested in politics. I grant you that some people are not interested in politics but based on the daily number visitors to the Allan Takes Aim blog, I think the pundits are wrong. No doubt the pundits would argue that because the source of the blog is Canberra, Australia’s political capital, that’s only to be expected. I don’t agree.

A few years ago the pundits might have been right, but because the world’s political climate has changed so too has the way that people view politics and politicians, the latter in particular. In fact some citizens think political parties are fans of Caligula who allegedly put his horse “Incitatus’ in the Senate, which is why today they put a lot of ‘neddies’ in both the Senate and the House of Representatives.  A point of clarification: as politics changed the Neddies became ‘Noddies.’

But Noddies are not the only thing we have to thanks the Romans for.  We should also thank their descendant who in 16th Century Naples created the commedia dell’arte and gave us Pulcinella (Punchinello) the genesis of todays’ Punch and Judy Show. Now if you think this has nothing to do with politics, be aware that Punch is the manifestation of the Lord of Misrule and Tricksters, two ancient mythological figures.

When one takes a look at various Governments in Australia over the last three years the connection becomes clear. Both the Prime Ministership and Premierships have been used as if items of barter between people who want to use the power they confer without having to take the responsibility for any damage they cause. This power help these people create policies and elect ‘noddies’ that advantage them more than they advantage the community.

Sadly, many Noddies have been seduced by the fame and status that being in parliament brings them. Indeed most of their time is spent in trying to present an image in their electorate so that they can keep that power.

But who are these ‘Noddies you ask?  If you can stomach it, take a look at the next TV broadcast of parliamentary business. You’ll see them sitting behind speakers nodding their heads and trying to look serious as if they were thinking about what the speaker was saying.

At this stage, and only to show how politicians abuse the electorate in their efforts to advantage themselves, the only talking heads you will see on TV are those of the contenders for the position of Prime Minister and possible cabinet posts.

Despite deposed Prime Minister Julia Gillard having announced 14th September as the date of the next election, her deposer hasn’t seen fit to tell the electorate if that date still holds and if it doesn’t, when will it be held.  However, you can be sure that when the election date is announced it will be on the basis that it suits the current Prime Minister not the electorate

At the same time and until that date is announced the electorate will hear a barrage of political invective from each side. Indeed as I write the Prime Minister is on TV news saying his opponent only speaks negatively. Doesn’t he realise that in saying this about his opponent he is also indulging in the same negativity.

As a final comment I ask you to examine the conduct of government over the past three years and decide if you want to take the chance of electing a Government that might indulge in the same conduct for the next three years or choose to start afresh with a new parliamentary team?  I would also ask you to heed the fact that at the election you will not be voting for a Prime Minister but a local candidate.

Comment welcome.

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