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Australia a brave new world? Or is it ?

Posted on: 6 August 2013

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Australia a brave new world: or is it?

Although the campaign for electing a new Australian Parliament has only just started, I’m already fed up listening to candidates who make promises to voters clothed in fake sincerity, such as on the day they elect them and their party to government and on every day thereafter, as they wake up they will find themselves beneficiaries of policies that will bring them never ending joy. And the band played, believe it if you like.

But cynicism aside what are we to believe? As the disturbed world in which we live gets even more disturbed, the choice we make when electing the next government becomes even more important.

Should we elect a government led by Tony Abbott, who believes in a strong work ethic and people doing things for themselves and promises to help them live happily in this land of opportunity because of policies introduced by what he says will be his just and socially aware government or a government led by the current Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who seems to believe that popularity equates to ability.

Clearly Mr Rudd is not a fan of Wilkins Micawber in Charles Dickens novel, David Copperfield who said : “Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen pounds nineteen and six, result happiness; annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds nought and six, result misery” And because Mr Rudd seems bent on continuing to spend more money than the government has in its coffers let me resume my cynicism and suggest Mr Rudd should consider establishing a Department of Misery. Indeed, he seems to want to remodel Australia as old world.

Over the next five weeks voters will get a chance to make their own decision as to who they would rather have at the helm of government. Advert after advert In support of and extend the messages in the adverts, Abbott and Rudd will make personal appearance after personal appearance in the hope they impress enough voters to think of them as trustworthy and in doing so gain their vote at the ballot box come election day.

It is important however, that voters analyse Abbott and Rudd’s policy promises in detail and sort out those that will benefit Australians long into the future and despatch the expedient promises designed to paper over policy deficiencies to cyber space. This is important if they want to ensure Australia will continue to benefit because, as time goes by, nations we foolishly think inferior, will catch us up and perhaps as the evidence of history has sown with other countries shows, make us pay for our foolish idea.

And while important that we listen to media reports on the policies of the major parties, it is also important to remember the only reports that voters should pay attention to are the factual statement of candidates. Anything else is merely opinion and there’s lot of that. Examples: ABC’s The Insiders and Q&A; Ten’s The Bolt Report (though Bolt doesn’t hide his political affiliations). In radio media, Radio National and various other ABC programs do the same as do many commercial radio programmes. While in the press I doubt if voters would be confused as to the political sympathies of Fairfax and News Limited.

And much as the Federal election is important, many ACT voters think the election of. ACT candidates such as Greens, Liberals, Labor, or small party candidates and Independents to Federal Parliament more important. And why shouldn’t they?

Small polity it might be but sadly the campaigns of the two major parties in the ACT, Labor and Liberals, as well as the Greens are copying the campaigns of their national brethren, more slanging match than explanation of policies.

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