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Let’s re-democratise politics

Posted on: 7 August 2013

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Let’s re-democratise politics

The thought came to mind that perhaps it’s true that the older you get the less you come to understand what people are talking about. The thought was spurred when, despite my having been around politics for more years than I care to remember, I found that trying to understand what politicians today are talking about is getting harder and harder.

In fact as I listen it seems to me that some of them don’t really understand politics. This is noticeable some don’t seem able to answer questions they’ve been asked but give answers to questions they haven’t been asked. Indeed it seems they only want to answer questions on topics within their comfort zone.

Although these answers are of little use to voters these politicians continue to parade their honesty, truthfulness and integrity as prime reasons to vote for them. Unfortunately, their shiftiness in answering questions is likely to lose them votes whereas if they say they don’t know but say they will find out, their image with voters might improve.

It seems to me that the latter have been politicians too long and have forgotten who they represent. And that they have little knowledge of what is happening in their own constituencies or have any knowledge of what is happening outside their little world makes them political bludgers.

I can only add that they should be removed from office because in these days of advanced technology not only can their lack of performance be seen and judged by a local audience but also by a worldwide audience with a poor performance not only working to the detriment of their party but also to Australia.

Indeed the day has long gone when parties value this kind of politician because they can be relied on to spring to attention and support what their leader says on any given issue.  In this complicated world where technology grow more quickly every day, parties need politicians with a vision of the future not the past.

Unfortunately, democracy has not progressed at the same rate as technology. Even in our allegedly advanced societies politics is still a system that seems mired in the feudalism of the middle ages. While parties pay lip service to democracy they remain fiefdoms controlled by people with a love of power and the wish to control others. Importantly even though they appear to delegate some of that power they still retain control because they want to control how society functions. Of course, such a system is not particular to political parties; it is also inherent in trade and business organisations.

While technology will continue to play a major role in society does not mean that Government should be determined by statements on Twitter and Facebook. So what if a putative President, MP or Senators have a million followers on Twitter or Facebook does not mean that a million people read what they have to say.

The fact is many Twitterers and Facebookers have had nothing to do with the site since becoming subscribers. And when the various political parties target them and send then messages, it is more probable than not that the messages are never read. But don’t the figures look good. In fact much of the hype surrounding this form of campaigning is hogwash.

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