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which political tall tales are true is for you to decide

Posted on: 9 August 2013

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Which political tall tales are true is for you to decide.

The federal election is five fabulous five weeks away. I say fabulous weeks because the tales being told by Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott, the leaders respectively of Australia’s two major parties Labor and the Liberal/Coalition who are vying to become Prime Minister, seem bent on outdoing the tales of fabulists like Aesop – African; John Gay – English; and Hans Christian Andersen – Danish.

But there is a difference. While morality is the basis of the latters’ tales it is clear that what allegedly forms the basis of the formers’ tales is not morality but lust for power. This applies particularly to Rudd who, regardless of the fact that earlier he used it to justify the carton tax in his statement that Global Warming is the greatest moral challenge of our time, then allowed it to become prisoner of his lust for power when it became a political inconvenience.

Not that the major parties are alone in telling tall tales. There is a third party, The Greens, whose leader, Christine Milne, seems equally bent on power but whose tall tales have found limited acceptance among voters. And there are other small parties whose leaders share the hope of being Prime Minister. But despite hope springing eternal, at this election their hope is running last. Last but not least are the Independents or ‘Gadflies’ as  described by Socrates to Plato as uncomfortable goads to the Athenian political scene which he compared to a slow and dimwitted horse, who do the same to the power seekers.

More to the point: the saying ‘you’ve got to speculate to accumulate’ is not a fable but a phrase that describes people whose capital is ambition and intelligence that they use to speculate.  It is the speculation of people such as this this describes that has been the source of Australia’s growth and prosperity.

After examining the policies of the various parties it seemed to me the policies of the Liberal/Coalition come closest to that of the people who speculated to accumulate and led Australia down the twin paths of growth and prosperity. On the other hand, many Labor politicians seem to think that all they needed to do was convince gullible people (voters) to let them spend their money on grand plans that would take them on a magic carpet ride to a life if not of ease, then of comfort.

So you’re not gullible you say. Well I hope not, but in the days and weeks after the Federal Election, Saturday 7th September, it will be too late to say I knew the promises sounded too good to be true. However, they will face the harsh reality that the promises were worthless and that the magic carpet will never take off but stay firmly grounded in the hanger that serves as the very large Museum of Political Promises. Indeed, as they will find out, the only things that will take off will be the politicians who made the promises.

With regard to this election and politicians’ promises which of the two, Tony Abbott or Kevin Rudd will take off.  With respect to Mr Abbott, will he be the politician to take off. If he is, he will merit a paraphrase of Lady Bracknell’s famous saying: To lose one election, Mr Abbot, may be regarded as a misfortune. To lose both looks like carelessness.

But if it is Mr Rudd who takes off what will he merit? Now that opens up a galaxy of ideas. Being host of Tell the Truth, a new TV show, springs to mind.  And no doubt rederswill have many others. If you have, make a comment.

Comment welcome.

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