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Don’t listen to the songs of the Fat Ladies

Posted on: 23 August 2013

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Don’t listen to the songs of the Fat Ladies

You’ll all be familiar with the phrase it ain’t over ‘til the Fat Lady sings which means that one should not presume to know the outcome of an event which is still in progress. And while normally it is used in a sporting contest I think it has particular application to the political contest between Kevin Rudd Labor and Tony Abbott Liberal to become Prime Minister of Australia. However, any attempt to describe it as a sporting contest is to diminish all real sporting contests. .

More precisely, it describes the situation the phrase when it appears to be nearing its conclusion although it cautions against making the assumption that the current state of an event is irreversible and determines how it will end. However, as the contest to be Prime Minister is between two men shouldn’t there be an alternative phrase.

That apart, most of the Fat Ladies singing today are male political columnists and journalists who have already decided the winner. Even most letters to the editor are from males. Not that this will come as a surprise because most MPs and Senators are men.  However, the situation changes in the electronic media where women hold their own although again it must be said the chief commentators on the electronic are mostly men.

This raises the question: how did this male – female imbalance occur; it seems contrary to Mother Nature. Indeed, it has always struck me as odd that women, who influence every man, have, over time, been sidelined for the benefit of men. Just think of it: they are the mother of men and the wives of men, notwithstanding that some men wish to be seen in the same light. But that’s another argument.

More to the point, at his stage in the race to be Prime Minister, I think even the most biased voter will concede that Abbott and the Liberals are ahead of Rudd and Labor. On the other hand there are still two long laps to go in the race and who knows if during these laps Abbott will stumble and allow Rudd to catch up or will Rudd stumble oftener than Abbott and so fall further behind.

While one expects outlandish ideas and outrageous promises from wannabe members of parliament in every election, voters have no one to blame but themselves if any of them get elected. Sadly because our record on this matter is not something to shout about, I suspect the status quo will be maintained at this election.

Of course, as to who will become Prime Minister is not a matter of which we have charge. We can but hope Australian voters will not give political chancers, populists, sycophants and candidates of questionable capacity the opportunity to display their venality or lack of talent to occupy that position but elect people of honesty and integrity.

And let me plead with voters to judge candidates because they feel they can trust them and not elect people who seem to think parliament is a permanent theatre of the absurd where they can act out their absurdities but a theatre of the serious that sometimes is funny.

A final comment: of one thing you can be sure many of the fat ladies who have started singing early will suffer from laryngitis after the election result is known.

Comment welcome.

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